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ACME Tornado 2000 Whistle Worlds Most Powerful Whistle

Pink or Blue Birthday Boppers Fun Party Decorations Various Ages

Happy Birthday Banner Holographic 9ft Blue or Pink Various Ages

Reflective Running Jogging Gym Waist Pack Belt Bag Wallet for Mobile Iphone MP3

Birthday Star Candle Party Decoration Cake Fun Celebration Various Ages

Precision Training Alloy Football Studs 8 Short & 4 Long Pack of 12

Precision Training Contrast Hoops Club Football Socks Nylon

Precision Training 12 Football / Ball Naylon Mesh Sack

Official Licensed Air Freshener Football Player Hints of Lemon,Orange & Lime

Quality Pyramid Running Pack of 12 Spikes Various Sizes: 4, 6, 9, 12 or 15mm

Precision Training Neoprene Knee Support

Henselite Wax Polish Grippo Tube Bowls

Selo Shop Online is the UKs most exciting Manchester based online retailer. We have a growing list of departments which include Sports, Fancy Dress and Party Shop as well as Everyday and Fashion Clothing. We are always expanding our product range to ensure our customers get the best value for money products and latest trends and fashions.

As a retailer of exceptional quality we aim to look after our new and returning customers with regular promotions, ever changing catalogue of products, reliable and fast postage, very professional customer service and hassle free returns. Get shopping and enjoy Selo Shop online!

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  • Selo Shop Online - 21-02-2015
    Official and very snug for the men in your life! Our Mens Moccasins come in variety of sizes, and are branded with your favourite team logo! Currently we have in stock Barcelona, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Leeds, Everton, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham! They are selling fast.. Click on the link below to Buy Now and benefit from our Free Shipping offer today.. #Arsenal #Chelsea #Liverpool #LeedsUnited #EvertonFootball, #ManchesterCity #ManchesterUnited #Tottenham #Moccasins #BarcelonaFootballClub http://www.seloshop.co.uk/product_details/7286/3/Mens-Moccasins-Metal-Badhe-Luxury-Soft-Insole-Official-Football-Merchandise.html
  • Selo Shop Online - 20-02-2015
    They always come in Handy.. No need to dial 118 118 just click on the link below and Buy The Moustache now and benefit with our FREE shipping offer as well. http://www.seloshop.co.uk/product_details/7316/3/Fancy-Dress-118-118-Moustache-in-Black-Hen-Stag-Party-Night-Fun.html #118118 #FancyDress #118118Moustache
  • Selo Shop Online - 19-02-2015
    It's Winter, It's Cold outside and the last thing anyone wants is when going for a quick swim is Wet Hair! Thanks to Speedo you can now buy direct from us Speedo Plain Moulded Silicone Junior Swimming / Swim Cap.. Sold in 7 different colours.. Click on the link below to Buy Now and Benefit from our Free Shipping offer. http://www.seloshop.co.uk/product_details/5335/3/Speedo-Plain-Moulded-Silicone-Junior-Swimming-Swim-Cap.html
  • Selo Shop Online - 18-02-2015
    Do you like to be in Control? We thought so! In that case you need some equipment to help you on the way.. We have for sale the Worlds Most Powerful Whistle which is for sure to get others attention when required! Click on the link below to Buy Now and take advantage of our Free Shipping offer! http://www.seloshop.co.uk/product_details/956/3/ACME-Tornado-2000-Whistle-The-Worlds-most-Powerful-Whistle.html
  • Selo Shop Online - 17-02-2015
    I like to run around 20km per week which is equivalent to 12 miles. I do this week in week out! So for our customers who take regular runs will know - keeping your mind occupied is not always that easy! So, we came up with solution and found a running belt which can be used with MP3 or Phones also come with 2 zipped pockets and reflective detailing. We think this is a great addition to any running gear, and they are selling out very quickly! So don't delay Buy Now and take advantage of our FREE Shipping offer.. http://www.seloshop.co.uk/product_details/34/3/Precision-Training-Running-Mp3-Phone-Audio-Waist-Padded-Belt-Black.html
  • Selo Shop Online - 16-02-2015
    Suffering with a Minor Knee Injury or recovering from a minor Knee Injury? Then you need Precision Training Neoprene Knee Support designed for minor knee conditions, mild to moderate inflammation, rheumatism and arthritis.. At this moment in time we have FREE Shipping on offer so click on the link below to Buy now.. http://www.seloshop.co.uk/product_details/5181/3/Precision-Training-Neoprene-Knee-Support.html
  • Selo Shop Online - 15-02-2015
    On Sunday we like to go for a good old swim! Nothing better to stretch our muscles, and get our heart pumping! So no better time then now to introduce you to our Speedo Endurance Jammers sold in black or navy and we have sizes from 32 to 40 inch. Click on the link below to Buy Now and Benefit from our Free Shipping offer today! http://www.seloshop.co.uk/product_details/5265/3/Speedo-Endurance-Jammer-Swimming-Shorts.html
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